sábado, julho 15, 2006

Coupland is back!!

IT workers > Game junkies > Infinite sadness > I am the ghost of troubled Joe
Sell yourself on eBay
Bree said, “I think computers ought to have a key called ‘I’M DRUNK’ and when you push it, it prevents you from sending email for twelve hours.

Kaitlin said, “I’ve got another one: a key called ‘FUCK OFF,’ and you press it every time your computer does something annoying — in turn this would somehow force your machine to experience pain. And if you pushed ‘SHIFT/ FUCK OFF,’ you end up with ‘FUCK OFF AND DIE’ which in pain terms would the equivalent of a razor being raked across your nipples.
Documents are thirty four percent more boring when presented in the courier font

Já lhe sentia a falta... lá tenho eu de sair do retiro e ir à FNAC...

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